by Sylvia Moore, 2nd Vice President

At the April 11 General Meeting, the Culver City Democratic Club officially endorsed the following candidates and propositions for the June 5, 2012 primary elections:

United States Senator – Dianne Feinstein

State Assembly, 54th District – Holly Mitchell

Los Angeles County Supervisor – Mark Ridley-Thomas

Los Angeles County District Attorney – Danette Myers

Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge, Office 3 – Craig Gold

Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge, Office 65 – Shannon Knight

Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge, Office 114 – Eric Harmon

Proposition 28 (limits on state legislators’ terms in office) – YES

Proposition 29 (increase in the state tobacco tax to fund cancer research) – YES

Los Angeles County Democratic Party County Central Committee: Jonathan FriedmanTerrence M. MontgomeryLoren ScottR. “Ronnie Jayne” SolomonMollie “Lee” WelinskyJimmie Woods-Gray

Click on the names above to go to the campaign web sites to see how you can volunteer and help get the vote out. Click on the names of the propositions for a summary of the proposed legislation.

Congratulations to all of our CCDC endorsed candidates!

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