I humbly accept the vote of confidence of the Executive Board and the voting members of the Culver City Democratic Club to serve as the President of the Club during the 60th Anniversary, and also to be the first elected African-American President of the Club. I have risen through the ranks of our club. I committed myself to the post of Second Vice President, then First Vice President. I have been a leader in the community, serving seven years on the Culver City Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Planning Committee, and have worked actively on local political campaigns. I will continue to bring a new energy and excitement to the club as the new board and I continue on the important work ahead.

The Culver City Democratic Club will continue to play a significant role in informing our members, involving the community and pushing forward a strong progressive agenda at all levels: local, state, national, and international. The club will continue to provide the foundation for the important work that will need to be done over the next year, to elect good candidates to our City Council, state legislature, Congress, and to re-elect President Obama. We will continue to bring in new members and hopefully convert independents back into the Democratic Party.

We will work to make the club more diverse and youthful through better use of social networking. It is critical that we get every Democrat registered to vote and to the polls if we are to take our country back and help Democrats retain their seats in all levels of government. Many other important local and state wide races and propositions will be on future ballots, and with the much publicized, energized Republican base at work, we need to be sure we’re all doing our part to help put the people’s interests first.

Please note our next Club meeting will be on Wednesday, February 08, 2012, when we will have a City Council Candidates’ Forum for the upcoming election on Tuesday, April 10th, 2012.

I’m looking forward to this year as your President.

Happy New Year to All!

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